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About This Blog

Hello World

A blog? No seriously, a blog. A blog where I write about writing. (Blogging is so not dead! Just ask Chuck Wendig and Kerry Clare, two writers and bloggers that I admire.)


Scratch that. Not the part about blogging not being dead. The part where I write about writing.

I’ve been at this blog for over a year now and yes, I posted about writing for a while. If you want to know my thoughts on writing process, you can go to those early posts. (My very first post, Five Reasons I Hate Giving Publishing Advice is the most popular one.)

After a while though, I just wasn’t as excited to write about writing and so I stopped posting for a long time. It’s not that I don’t want to blog, it’s just that I have a lot of topics on my mind, other than writing. Stuff like mending clothes and sewing and gardening and reading and the creative process and goodness knows what else. Writing about writing it turns out, just isn’t what I want to share with you.

I’m still a writer of course, but I’m exploring and re-defining that too. For the last fifteen years I’ve worked on mystery novels and I will likely have more of those in my future. But this year of 2022, I’m exploring other things. Collaborations and explorations, some may be around writing and others around other kinds of creative expression.

I also write letters to my readers, where I share a behind-the-scenes view of my work-in-progress, a mystery set in Montreal in 1947. Lots of readers write back, and we have this whole fun thing going on. If you want in, you can sign up here.