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 A Real Somebody Cover Art! (Are you ready?)

I am so very pleased to share the cover art for my new novel, A Real Somebody, with you.

I hope you love it. (I love it.)

A Real Somebody book cover art.

I saw a few different versions of the cover art and this was by far my favourite. I love that it’s a typewriter. I love the colours and textures, and I especially love the pattern of the wallpaper in the background. And I think June would love the typewriter. (Though I did show this image to someone under 25 and they said it was cool, but what was that big black thing at the bottom?)

What do you think?

And here is the jacket copy:

From author Deryn Collier comes a smart, charming postwar historical novel based on the true story of an aspiring writer who dares to dream big.

Montreal, 1947. To support her once-prosperous family, June Grant joins a steno pool in a prestigious advertising firm. For June, it’s hard to imagine having the kind of life her parents want—the kind of life her sister Daisy has, with a well-off husband and two precocious kids.

But Daisy might not be a picture-perfect housewife after all. As June makes her own waves in the advertising world, she probes a hidden side of her sister’s life.

June’s discoveries upend everything she thought she knew about her sister while challenging her own inner conflict about pursuing her dreams versus living up to expectations. Being a dutiful housewife might mean something else entirely.

Based on the true story of the author’s aunt, A Real Somebody charts the journey of a talented young writer who dares to break the conventions of her time during one pivotal season of her life.

I am going to end this here for today, this is already a lot. I will write more soon about pre-orders and how very important they are for authors. It’s kind of a cool thing actually, to have this simple thing (pre-orders) that can make such a difference in a title getting attention. 

A Real Somebody will be available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook and you can pre-order from any independent bookstore or online retailer. You can find more information and links on my Books Page.

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