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A New Thing! Get Unstuck Calls for Writers

Sculpture of a pile of colourful pots and kitchen utensils sitting on a table on a lawn with a house and low-rise apartment building in the background.

For a lot of the years that I’ve been writing, I’ve given free writing advice to anyone that asked me. Honestly, I thought I was obligated and also I’d never learned to say no. I would scrabble hard to make time for my own writing and then give away my time to someone’s cousin’s friend who was thinking of maybe writing a book someday. (Sorry if you missed that decade. 😉 )

Then I learned how to say no, and basically spent years saying no to every request for writing help or advice, except in a very few exceptional cases. Local writers whose work really spoke to me, and for whom I reviewed full manuscripts for the sheer awe of seeing them find their story and, in some cases, get published. 

Eventually, I pulled back from even that, because I could not afford the time, and I just didn’t feel comfortable asking to get paid.

The thing is though, after 17 years at it, I know a lot about writing. I’ve got a lot I could share, say, with a writer whose project, or career, or aspirations feel as colourfully jumbled as the sculpture pictured above.

I love working with writers. And I’m pretty good at it if I do say do myself. I just can’t afford free anymore, and I realize no one had that expectation of me, except myself. (!)

And so, I’m introducing a paid service: Get Unstuck Calls for Writers. 50 minutes to sort out your jumble on whatever writing-related topic you need help with. You come away with valuable perspective from a professional writer and a plan for the next 3-6 months.

What topics? Honestly, you choose. There’s a whole list at this link. I’ve got space in my calendar for only 1-2 of these calls every week. A call is $150. Full details and booking and payment information, here.

If you’re curious but not ready to jump in just yet, feel free to get in touch.

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