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A Thing For Washi Tape

No such thing as too much washi tape…

Washi tape is pretty, am I right? And colourful. But in the quest to believe in your own ideas — those ideas that want to come into the world through you – washi tape is SO MUCH MORE! It’s THE tool in your tool kit. The ammunition in your arsenal. It is the cookie in your lunchbox.

With washi tape, you can delineate a space for your idea. Just a wee bit of space. Maybe a square on a blank page in your notebook. (No, it does not have to be a square, it could be any shape at all.) And inside that shape, you write down your idea. The idea itself might be too fledgling to fill a whole page — it might be nothing more than a mere fragment. Whatever its size, the washi tape square is like a little landing pad that says, “Welcome, idea that has come from wherever ideas come from. I want to become the person that will bring you into the world and so here is a square of washi tape for you to rest in, until we are ready to take the next step together.”

And then you go on with your day, knowing that you are a creative person who gives breathing space to new ideas, even when life is busy.

And doesn’t that feel great?

You see? It all starts with washi tape, which is why I have so very much of it. IT IS NOT A PROBLEM. It is a creative life choice.

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